Cook: One Pot Wonder Pasta



onepotpasta2I came across THIS recipe for a one-pot Swedish Meatball Pasta recently and it’s changed my perception of one-pot pastas. I used to regard one-pot pastas as lazy, and I apologize for being a snob.

I altered the recipe slightly; I used spinach fettuccine instead of egg noodles, I added fresh basil instead of parsley, added white button mushrooms and omitted the Worcestershire  sauce. In my meatballs I also substituted the breadcrumbs with crumbed cracker biscuits. The result was a pot of umami-ness that the guests quickly depleted.

A cautionary advice when cooking: while it may seem excessively watery at certain junctures (see featured image), the pasta will absorb the liquids eventually and you may run into a lack of sauce if you tried to reduce the water content.

Will I make it again? Yes.

Suggested adjustments: 50-50 pork-beef meatballs to channel IKEA-esque meatballs, and thinly sliced celery for added fibre


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