Review: Mezze Dinner Buffet at One Ninety Wood-fired Steaks and Seafood 

Singapore semi buffet dinner
Assorted appetizers including salads, seafood, chacuterie and cheese

The Mezze Dinner buffet at One Ninety Wood-fired Steak and Seafood is possibly my favourite type of dinner, being a semi-buffet dinner where you get a main course and unlimited servings of side dishes and dessert from the buffet bar. Tucked in a quiet locale in Tanglin, the restaurant at the ground floor of the Four Seasons is a calm respite for a romantic dinner or quiet get-together.

This was my first visit to One Ninety and I am impressed by the selection and quality of their food. As far as hotel semi buffets go, I’d have to compare the Mezze Buffet with the Dinner Semi-buffet at Basilico, The Regent Hotel. Basilico serves mainly Italian cuisine at a higher price point, some $20-$30 more than One Ninety. Yet having tried both, I prefer One Ninety for their variety and generous menu.

Singapore semi buffet dinner
Slow-cooked kurobuta pork belly with braised cabbage,golden apple and salsa verde

I appreciate the service at One Ninety, where the servers checked in with us when was a good time to serve our mains; over at Basilico, I’d have experiences of the mains arriving unannounced, leading to a mad scramble to make space on the table.

Petite Yellow “Coquelet” Spring Chicken with portobello mushrooms, mash and white asparagus (seasonal)

Service aside, I enjoyed the my main. I commented that I haven’t had a spring chicken splayed open and deboned like this before – testament to the thoughtful prep the kitchen has done. As I dined here during the white asparagus season, the chef has also incorporated the much more desired white asparagus into the dish. The chicken is well charred in their wood fire, those fearful of acrid bitterness of char to beware. The mashed potatoes were silky and on point.

When at One Ninety, one has to be mindful to leave enough room for dessert; again, a good selection of dessert. However, if you have an extreme sweet tooth, I may recommend Basilico for their bigger selection.

Overall, I recommend this restaurant for those who love a selection yet still craves good quality food.  I personally look forward to my next meal there.

One Ninety Wood-fired Steak and Seafood
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore



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