Donut Want This

Rainbow Rice Donut, S$1.30, DJ Bakery, Esplanade Mall
I have a love-hate relationship with donuts, particularly one frosted and sprinkled that demands multiple napkins when consuming. Discounting the caloric load of this snack, there’s something about eating a donut that spells GLUTTONY. Yet at times I can’t stay away from donuts, and have actual late night cravings for them. For the most parts, I blame No Strings AttachedI fondly remember a scene where Emma, was crying in her rented car. On her phone call with Katie, Katie asked her how much cash she had on her, and told her pointedly to buy herself two boxes of donut holes. Cutaway, a scene of Natalie Portman stuffing her face to Bleeding Love.



Thereafter,  I associated donuts, and donut holes as comfort food, food to stuff my face with when emotionally wrought. These days I rarely indulge in donuts; sticky Krispy Kreme and Dunkins do not appeal to me. I am drawn mostly to dry old-school sugar donuts, and at best, sprinkled ones. This huge and hugely affordable donut from DJ Bakery called out to me one day; it looked perfect in the window. The taste is reminiscent of my childhood indulgences, at a time when rainbow sprinkles were magical to a child. This is bakery and its donuts will be a place to turn to the next time I feel the need to stuff my face with sugary confectionery.





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