Watch: Foodies: The Culinary Jetset

I am ever enthralled by film and tube about food. Celebrity chefs, professional eaters, child chefs – I slurp it all up. It is no wonder I enjoyed Foodies : The Culinary Jetset. Following the food-steps of 5 illustrious eaters each blessed with deep pockets, this documentary features the ever-growing phenomenon of people travelling for food, and in this case, a global jet set.


Of the 5 gourmands is Aiste from Luxeatsa willowy ex-model turned food blogger. I am frankly puzzled how she maintains her svelte figure, but that’s topic for another day. Born in deficit Lithuania, Aiste grew to love food and in particular the power of choice when it comes to food when she started her modelling career. The film follows her tracks as she flies to Kyoto for a traditional kaiseki meal, followed by a hunt for a pricey 7-seater sushi restaurant located in a ground floor parking lot.

Each foodie tell their own tale of how they became obsessed with fine dining, and in Katie’s case, her alleged struggle with justifying to friends reasons for spending that much of her paycheck on food. Truth be told, fine dining at their level is not cheap; a multi-course meal could easily be upwards of four hundred dollars, a modest monthly paycheck in most developing nations. This film does not seek to judge or justify their hobby; rather, it gives an insight to just a sliver of patrons of the haute cuisine food scene worldwide. Foodies come in all forms, from everywhere. For me, watching the film is mental gratification and living vicariously through the lens of the documentary makers.

Watch the trailer below.




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