Review: Burger Joint Singapore 

Tucked in a nondescript corner of Club Street, Burger Joint Singapore is one of the newest foreign import burger to Singapore in 2016. Hailing from New York, the plainly named burger bar has a short menu – just two types of burgers in 2 sizes (4 permutations) with customizable toppings. Compared to local joints like Fatboys with its variety, Burger Joint Singapore seems to be confident of their menu and quality.

Double Cheeseburger, Medium Rare, The Works

I’m unsure if it’s intentional, or the bar in a state of chaos. It functions like a fast food joint where you queue to order and concurrently frantically send another person in your party to find a seat. Then you wait for someone to shout out your order number which is frankly too soft to penetrate the din in the bar.

After you manage to grab your order, it’s presented in a brown paper bag which you then tear apart to form a makeshift placemat/tray/tablecloth to spill your fries and dipping condiments. 

Single cheese burger, medium well, the works and a side of fries
The burgers are pretty decent but standard issue – nothing to write home about. I’ve read, previously on other blogs, that the fries are reminiscent of McDonalds. I’m happy to confirm that. 

All things equal, I’m not very likely to return to this joint because there is no lack of worthy and better burgers in this city. 

Burger Joint Singapore 



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