Review: Talay Kata Mookata

I have a love hate relationship with mookata. I love steamboat outright, but I don’t fancy too much BBQ because of the smell, the heat and potentially charred and rubbery meat. Ergo my love hate relationship with mookata, a form of Thai steamboat BBQ combination. The utterly sinful bit about mookata is how the pork lard is usually used to oil the grill and this oil and all other juices from your food will be funneled directly into the soup. Needless to say, the soup is rich and fatty at the end of the meal. 

I saw Talay Kata on instagram and was mesmerised by the amount of seafood available. The cuts of meat at Talay Kata are also slightly different from other joints as they have beef cubes and pork jowls. 

The highlight for me are the large scallops and spiny crabs that I grilled on the pan. As each table is equipped with its own exhaust, the smoke from roasted crab shells were quickly sucked away by the fan. However, do not expect to come out odorless, it is after all a BBQ joint. 

Apart from seafood and meat, Talay Kata is well stocked with fresh vegetables, mushrooms, assorted fishballs and hot pot items. There is also a small cooked food section with stuffed crabs, Thai fish cakes and dumplings (subject to availability). 

There’s even a make your own somtam (read:Thai salad) section!

The prices are quite typical of mookata buffets at $33.80++ for dinner on Fridays and weekends. Reservations recommended. 

Talay Kata Mookata 



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