Review: Social Square at Parkway Parade

Ministry of Food (MOF) has yet expanded with another Japanese-fusion food concept, Social Square. Being the creators behind Lenas and Danro, MOF should not be foreign to you. With a stunning interior decor, the Parkway Parade outlet of Social Square is big and conducive for large gatherings and family dining. With an extensive menu,  there is something for everyone, even the picky little ones. What’s better is the constant promotions; when we were there, there was 1-for-1 lunch on weekdays.

Meatball pizza

Fans of thin-crust pizza may want to visit this joint; the pizza crust is well charred and reminiscent of the ones at Skinny Pizza. With two different sizes, you can decide if it’s for sharing or your own ravenous consumption.

Bacon and mushroom baked rice

Baked rice dishes usually put me off because I fear jelat (read: cloying) food. Baked rice is usually swathed with cream and cheese – sinfully tasty until the 6th bite when it just becomes only sinful. The baked rice at Social Square is different though; the rice is seasoned (it reminded me of chicken rice) and  by virtue of being able to taste the seasoning, you know the cream sauce is not too thick or overpowering. The best part of any baked rice is always the burnt cheese at the edges. Since the dish was finished in an iron pan as opposed to yet another heat-proof ceramic bowl, the browned edges of the cheese are done to perfection and so addictive.  Nonetheless I still recommend sharing the baked rice unless you’re not on a diet.

Would I return to Social Square? Perhaps, if the promotion is compelling.

Social Square by MOF
Parkway Parade


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