Snack: Muji Cheddar and Gouda Cheese Popcorn 

Muji Cheddar and Gouda Cheese Popcorn ($1.90)

Muji is known for their minimalist nondescript packaging, and for that very reason, I hardly found their food enticing. Their ready-to-cook section pretty much resembles an army ration pantry to me. Their snacks are similarly lackluster, especially when you pick up a packet of close-to-expiry date baumkuchen cake (read: German layer cake) that has grease leak out of the cake and leave awkward smears on the innerside of the transparent plastic bag … you get the drift.

Yet out of the blue one day, I picked up this bag of cheese popcorn. I’ve always been a fan of cheese popcorn and just reading that it’s made of cheddar and gouda whet my appetite. I know there’s higher chance the tastes are artificial, but I like to live dangerously.

Not too bad, only half bag of air
Once opened,  faint pale yellow corn greeted me, nothing like the  garish variety from Garrett’s. The taste is quite subtle and light, again, nothing like the cloying cheese corns from Garrett’s. It’s what light popcorn tastes like, the flavouring is similarly airy. It’s great as a snack for children’s movie nights but I’d suggest leaving them out of your smuggled snack stash to the cinema.



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