A Prawn Mee Party 

There was a Prawn Mee Party at V’s. What is a Prawn Mee Party, you wonder. Essentially it’s a cook out, but Asian style. Instead of firing up the BBQ or oven, milder cooking styles are used. In this case, a giant pot of stock is prepared, ingredients are parboiled, and the base ready to be blanched when required. You can repeat this with many Asian soupy noodle dishes, like laksa, lor mee, soto ayam… ( I’ll leave you to Google these dishes as they escape succinct translation.) 

Prawn Mee in my opinion is a highly layered dish. It requires a strong hearty broth and well executed condiments. V’s mum is the main chef behind this Sunday lunch / dinner and lucky me to be around for this. 

A large pot of prawn broth was prepared and as I was reminded – no sugar added. Some recipes call for rock sugar to be added to give it a fresh seafood sweetness,  but this being a homecooked broth, not expenses were spared and sweetness was achieved from solely from the prawns. Not only is the broth homemade, the shallots were painstakingly hand fried to a deep brown and added to each bowl. 

Made to order, I picked vermicilli and yellow noodles, my preferred combination for prawn mee. The carbs are blanched with kangkong (read: water spinach) and beansprouts in a separate pot of water, then added to a bowl where the hot soup is ladled in. The meat, prawns and shallots then added to form the perfect bowl of Prawn Mee. Those who prefer spicy food can add some cut red chilli to their soup to give it a delightful kick. 

Ready to host your own Prawn Mee Party? Check out some recipes below: 

Her World

Feast To The World 


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