Review: The Original Katong Laksa at Roxy Square

Ask a Singaporean about their favourite laksa (or chicken rice, or fried kway teow) and you may start a war. Just within the Katong area, folks are fiercely protective of their favourite “Katong Laksa” stalls. There was even a TV show back in the 90s that pitted the stalls against each other for competition, and out came the famous 328 Katong Laksa.

I visited “The Original Katong Laksa” stall located at level 1 of Roxy Square facing Joo Chiat Road. This stall purports to be the original, and to be more than 50 years in experience in serving nonya laksa.

Like all Katong laksa, this dish is to be eaten with spoon, and no chopsticks are available. There are 3 sizes- $4 for small, $5 for medium and $6 for large. Pictured below is the $6 bowl, that seems to just be a larger portion of noodles.

The chilli in itself is not spicy, but the chilli oil can be choking for the uninitiated, especially when you slurp with a spoon, so beware. They aren’t too generous with the laksa leaves, perhaps I should have asked for more, as I have a palate for aromatics. The soup is creamy with coconut milk and sweet from the crushed hei bee (read: dried shrimps), and hits the spot especially on a cold day. I won’t say this is the best Katong Laksa, but it hits the spot if you have cravings and 328 is too crowded.


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