Snack: Meiji Bulgaria Brand Set Yogurt

If you are a looking for a healthy 100-calorie mid-day snack, consider the Meiji Bulgaria Brand Mild-Sweetened Flavour Set Yogurt. Wow, that’s a mouthful for name. Do not be thrown off by the suspicious phrase “Bulgaria Brand” instead of just “Bulgaria Yogurt” and assume this is just a brand name. In fact, this yogurt does contain real Bulgarian strains of the lactobacillus culture that gives it an insane pudding-like texture, and according to Meiji, they obtained the naming rights in the 1970s and has remained one of Japan’s favourite yogurt.

I only noticed this brand appearing in Singapore recently, and I had to try it. I queried some foodies, and was told the exciting looking Honey flavoured version was quite sweet, so I settled for this mild(ly)-sweetened one which I feel is just right.

Meiji Bulgaria Brand Mild Sweetened Flavor Set Yogurt

Being a set yogurt, it has a thicker, firmer texture compared to the other variety of the same brand. Compared to Greek yogurt, Meiji Bulgarian yogurt is more like a pudding, while Greek Yogurt is more like a thick mousse. I could not believe my eyes when I first dip my spoon into the Meiji Bulgarian yogurt- I quickly scoured the ingredients list for any gelling agents like gelatin, but found none. It is just milk and 5000 lactic acid strains.

Meiji Bulgaria Brand Mild Sweetened Flavor Set Yogurt

Apart from the texture, the taste is fantastic too; not as tart as Greek yogurt, and quite light on the mouth, unlike the American cousin. This is a treat in itself, a good replacement of puddings and ice-cream for the diet-conscious. My only complaint? I ate it all too quickly.

This yogurt is slightly pricey (compared to the other Meiji yogurts) at about $4 for a pack of 2 from all major supermarkets. Not expensive compared to the imported fruity ones, but not for the budget-conscious either.



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