Review: Putien at Raffles City

The Putien outlet at Kitchener Road was recently awarded Michelin 1-star in 2016. Cited by the judges to provide fresh food, I couldn’t agree less after dining at Putien Raffles City for the first time last weekend.

Reputed to serve Fujian cuisine, Putien has a down-to-earth yet committed brand story that I suggest you read. Famed for their vermicelli and Lor mee, Putien is a family favourite with many Singaporeans.

We ordered many dishes to share and these three were more memorable for me.

Putien pig trotter jelly
Pig trotter jelly, $7.90

Among the cold dishes was the pig trotter aspic /jelly that is light on the tongue and not at all oily or cloying. The aspic has integrity, and goes spectacularly well with the signature Putien sauce (not in picture). I love aspic of this type and would order again.

Putien ah yuan fragrant herbal chicken
Ah Yuan fragrant herbal chicken, $9.90

The next appetiser is a cold steamed chicken true to its name being herbal. It was flavourful and welcoming.

Putien fried Heng Hua bee Hoon
Fried Heng Hwa bee Hoon

This is their famous fried bee Hoon and the Michelin judges are right in this aspect that the food do not always resemble the menu picture. Yet the vermicelli used is special, different from the ones we seen commonly locally. The beehoon is fried well, without large clumps and yet didn’t feel at all oily. It is fragrant and delicious. My only gripe? I wished they were more generous with the ingrdients.

All in all, Putien serves familiar delicious Fujian cuisine. Is it deserving of the Michelin Star? I think it’s still a large Paradigm shift for me to regard such quick fry and chain restaurants as Star winners. That aside, if they are able to maintain their consistency, I don’t see a fall in following any time soon. Reservations recommended.




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