Review: Rijsttafel Buffet Lunch at 21 On Rajah 

Our team at work went for a teambonding lunch, and being a team of diverse faiths, we had to eat at a Halal-certified joint which are frankly far and few between if you want all-you-can-eat buffets. 21 On Rajah in Days Hotel in Balestier is a new kid on the block for halal buffets in Singapore, joining ranks of other established hotel-based restaurants such as Carousel at Holiday Inn. Located a little out of the way compared to those located in town areas, this quiet restaurant seems to service mostly corporate groups on weekdays for lunch at an affordable $30++ per adult.

cold seafood prawns and mussels bar at 21 on rajah buffet lunch
Cold seafood bar

Immediately when entering the restaurant we are greeted by the the seafood bar, which offered mussels and prawns on the day we went. Further in on the right are the hot dishes. The spread  might be limited, but every dish is delicious and high quality. My personal favourite was the braised lamb shank that is flavorful and fall-off-the-bone tender, best eaten with the aromatic basmati rice.

roast beef station at 21 on rajah lunch buffet
Roast Beef Station

For beef lovers, a full roast beef is available for carving and since it’s roasted whole, carve strategically for your preferred done-ness.

salad and appetizer station at 21 on rajah lunch buffet
Salad and appetizer station

The salad station was well-displayed, and stocked the requisite standards. The tomato basil salad that was served that day was fresh and sweet.

dessert station at 21 on rajah buffet lunch
Dessert Closet

Dessert consisted of a closet of cakes, fruits, nyonya kueh, and ice cream. I was too full from the other dishes to eat these but saved room for ice cream. Which is quite a misnomer I felt – why would gelato come from a soft serve machine? My idea of gelato is a milky flavourful treat scooped from a multi-coloured display case … but I digress. This soft serve is strangely enjoyable.

ice cream station at 21 on rajah buffet lunch
Ice cream station

All things considered, 21-on-Rajah is a good halal restaurant for a low-cost yet quality buffet for corporate lunches. The location is a little daunting as it is not exactly near the MRT station, and buses serving the area are limited. Nonetheless, do consider this as a possible near-ish town lunch location.

21 On Rajah, Days Hotel


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