Review: Ninja Cut at Seah Street 

A casual bistro concept by the folks who brought us Ninja Bowl, Ninja Cuts serves all-day brunch, bowls and coffee in the heart of the city at Seah Street. Located near other brunch joints like Clinton Street Bakery, Ninja Bowl’s refreshing concept is a departure from the traditional eggs benedict and sausages, instead, focusing on well-cooked savouries served with rice, quinoa, greens or soba. It serves primarily the lunch crowd around the area.

Steak and Eggs from Ninja Cut
Steak and Eggs, $20

I checked out Ninja Cuts with a colleague, and both being meat eaters, were completely enthralled by the beef dishes, as well as the very phrase “limited portions daily”. We tried our luck and managed to lay hands on the tender flavourful beef with the decadent sauce for lunch at 12.30pm.  The accompanying sauce/ gravy is succulent and pure umami and goes really well with the beef. I wish there were mash to sop it all up.

What's Your Beef from Ninja Cut
What’s Your Beef, $18

I order the What’s Your Beef bowl, featuring roasted beef ribeye, grilled corn, sauteed mushrooms, onsen egg, honey-glazed carrots and garlic chips. I also opted mine with soba (not in picture, long story about wrong order) which is a mistake. The soba at this joint is relatively tasteless and gummy. In a dish like this I also felt the onsen egg to be ornamental and a fad. It doesn’t lend much flavour nor texture to the rest of the dishes. In fact I never really understood onsen eggs; every cafe dish these days seem to feature that. Is onsen egg the new poached egg? Nevertheless, the rest of the dish was satisfying and delicious.

Looking at the menu, one is perhaps compelled to return to try the other bowls, ranging from fish to chicken, and even an exhilarating crispy pork belly. For those with a sweet tooth, lookup the rest of the internet for their matcha hotcake that is aesthetically pleasing. A joint with original and filling brunch and lunch dishes, Ninja Cuts is worth a visit. Do remember to make a reservation which can be done easily via Chope.

Ninja Cut



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