Travel: Seoul bound on Asiana OZ752

[This post is part of a series of my Winter Vacation in South Korea in 2016]

This is my my third cumulative trip to Seoul, and first experience flying Asiana. My previous two trips in 2012 were on Singapore Airline and Korean Air. Asiana is an award-winning consumer airline, having won Best Economy Class, Best Economy Class Airline Catering, and Best Economy Class Seats from Skytrax in 2016, and overall 16th place in the world. Since I can only afford to fly Economy, this award speaks more volume to me when I booked my air tickets. Being slightly nationalistic in supporting Singapore Airline, I felt an unnecessary expectation of service standards from Asiana for my vacation.

Flying out from the best airport in the world is always a delight and there’s no difference for this trip. 

The OZ752 I was on was an Airbus A330 with a 2-4-2 configuration. Being a group of 3, I opted for row 42 towards the back of the plane which transited into a 2-3-2 configuration so that we didn’t have to share a row with someone else and afforded us two aisle seats for easy toilet trips. 

Late night dinner/supper was served for this red-eye flight and I had the bibimbap at half past midnight which is quite the strange affair. The bibimbap came with kimchi and hot soup, a nice touch. 

The food was deserving of their Best Economy Catering, but the inflight entertainment was sorely disappointing. 

In the “Hollywood” category, there were only 4 films and none interested me. For a Star Alliance flight this was quite disappointing. One should not fly long haul with Asiana unless equipped with their own entertainment system. Since it was a red-eye, I caught some sleep. 

Beverage service was rolled out in the morning, with the standard offering of juice and water. No freshening towlettes were given, but I appreciated the toothbrushes in the bathroom that have some kind of toothpaste pre-applied. 

If I had to be objective, this flight was perfunctory in getting me from one country to another safely and comfortably. Is it deserving of best economy class overall? I think not. My heart still lies with Singapore Airline but more often than not, my wallet doesn’t agree. 


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