Travel: Porridge in Myeongdong, Seoul 

[This post is part of a series of my Winter Vacation in South Korea in 2016]

As our hotel (L7 Myeongdong) did not provide breakfast, we ate out most days in porridge restaurants around the area. I love congees and porridge, and was happy to be able to visit 3 different establishments. Read more to find out which was my favourite.


My first porridge meal was from Bonjuk, a few buildings away from our hotel. The serving is large, however, be mindful that each diner is expected to order one bowl each; no sharing is allowed here. I had the beef and seaweed porridge (8000KRW, about S$9.60) that is brimming with umami from the seaweed and beef. I sampled the congees from my party as well, and interestingly, each bowl tasted very different, testament that the congees are cooked individually and not just adding cooked ingredients to plain bases. This place is recommended if you have an appetite in the morning, and love beef. Other flavours include shrimp, abalone, and octopus.

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Congee House

I caught a cold on the trip, and spent half a day in bed nursing the sniffles and cough while the family continued with their sightseeing. Congee House is a stone’s throw away from my hotel; I could see it from my room window. Therefore I took out a portion of their abalone porridge with extra abalone (15,000KRW, ~S$18)  which is light and subtle, suitable for the infirmed. The accompanying kimchi side dishes were also interesting; apart from the vegetable kimchi, there was one made from raw squid which was quite an acquired taste and texture.

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Migabon was my final porridge meal on the day of departure from Korea. We braved the rain to this restaurant, which is the furthest from our hotel among these 3 restaurants. Migabon serves yet a different menu with flavours such as oysters and the ginseng chicken porridge (8000KRW, ~S$9.60) that I had. The ginseng is not overpowering, and the sesame a nice touch to the nourishing porridge. The serving here is also much more manageable, the smallest of the 3.

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Of the 3 restaurants, my favourite is Bonjuk as I love a flavourful congee. Given the big portion size, I felt like I was getting my money’s worth too.  The menu is slightly more extensive too. My only gripe is the mandatory one bowl per person order; children may not be able to finish their meal.


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