Review: Tensho at The Centrepoint

Tendon, or Tempura Don, has caught Singapore by craze as of late. What used to be just another lacklustre rice dish in Japanese family-style restaurant chains (read: Watami, Ichiban Boshi) has gained popularity thanks to specialty Japanese restaurant and bistro such as Tendon Ginza Itsuki at Tanjong Pagar and Tendon Kohaku at Suntec City, each boosting their own following that form hour-long queues. It is no wonder that chain restaurants and conglomerates are jumping on this bandwagon, hence Tensho by Ministry of Food is born.

Tensho has a bigger menu than the two specialty restaurants above with more variety, including rice-less tendon, or rather, a la carte tempura sets. Located in the food hall at Basement 1 of the newly renovated The Centrepoint, Tensho is a casual dining concept. I ordered the mixed tendon ($14.90) that comes with a small chawanmushi and miso soup. The bowl is filled with tempura prawn, fish, assorted vegetable and a hard-to-execute tempura onsen egg. Mine came a little overcooked as you can see, but I fully understand the fickleness of onsen eggs. Should they have served it to when it looks this way? That is the question of quality control.

Ten Don at Tensho Centrepoint

The batter is surprisingly light and crisp, and the magic in this bowl is in the prawn. The prawn tempura had a wonderful aroma of fried prawn shell: the slight sweetness and char that you get when you put crustacean on a hot grill. This permeated the whole prawn tempura, and I could begin to understand why Tensho actually has a Prawn Tendon that is purely prawn tempura.

What I also appreciated was the free-flow Japanese cabbage pickle at each table which helped to cut the greasiness of tempura, and to help contribute to my five recommended servings of vegetables daily.

All in all, I enjoyed my meal there, and was happy to be able to enjoy a 30% off discount thanks to the Eatigo app. Do check out the app for more discounts. Tensho can also be found at Cathay Cineleisure.

Tensho (Facebook)


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