Review: Charcoal Thai at Vivocity

The family is a fan of all-you-can-eat anything. Not because we are greedy, but we like variety and autonomy to pair our food. On top of that, The Mother loves to walk about during her meals; hence all-you-can-eat must also necessarily be pick-your-own. Over the Chinese New Year break we went to Charcoal Thai at Vivocity since The Mother is new to mookatas, and this place was one of the few that were open over the break. The restaurant is nestled in a corner next to Daiso on Level 3, and ha s a bay view of Sentosa. It is spacious and suitable for large gatherings.

Charcoal Thai at Vivocity

The selection of food is actually quite  varied, though all frozen. Four kinds of meat and their innards, plenty of seafood for everyone. I was duly informed by The Mother that the clams are usually expensive per kg as the yield of flesh is less than 10% by weight. Apart from clams, there were flower crabs, mussels and prawns. I particularly enjoyed the beef stomach cooked in soup.

Charcoal Thai at Vivocity

The price we paid for all-you-can-eat consisted of both steamboat and mookata buffet. For four people, it was a little overwhelming but welcomed as we love soup. We opted for the chicken soup and laksa broth for our steamboat, and I strongly recommend the laksa broth. Each table was given its own tea pot of chicken broth for topping up, and by the end of the meal, the laksa broth is light enough to drink. The laksa broth is also suitably spiced to be aromatic but not too spicy.

Charcoal Thai at Vivocity

My only gripe for this meal is that the mookata pot was not hot enough; none of my meat were charred that day, and the pot basically dried up the meat while cooking it. I do not know if it’s because the gas canister was running out, or it was bad design. Usually I’d be a stink bomb exiting a mookata restaurant due to the fumes, but this time round, I did not.

Charcoal Thai frequently has Groupon and Eatigo discounts; I would recommend visiting when you are in the area, and feel like steamboat. I don’t recommend the mookata though, so choose wisely when you purchase your Groupons.

Charcoal Thai has other outlets at Serangoon NEX and Clementi 321.

Charcoal Thai


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