Review: Tiers of Joy Tea at Lime, Parkroyal Pickering

I recently chanced upon the new Tiers of Joy tea set from Lime at Parkroyal Pickering, and was pleasantly surprised it is served on weekends as well. The tea set is priced at a reasonable $48++ which consists of a 3-tier stand, and unlimited cups of tea or coffee for two pax (~$26 each after ++).The award-winning architecture of Parkroyal Pickering is an excellent place to relax in and to people watch. The 3-tier consists of 2 tiers of savouries and 1 tier of sweets. Each diner gets one piece of savoury items each, but are made to share the sweets. This is a little strange to me, and being the typical kiamsiap (read: stingy cost-conscious) Singaporean, I felt I wasn’t getting my money’s worth that way.

Tiers of Joy High Tea Set at Lime Parkroyal Pickering

First, the savouries on the lowest tier: Italian Burrata and Marinated Confit Tomato Bruschetta with Aged Balsamico; Snow Crab and Green Apple Open-faced Sandwich; and Peking Duck Duxelles encased in Profiterole.

Tiers of Joy High Tea Set at Lime Parkroyal Pickering

On the second tier: Shaved Serrano Ham Open-faced Sandwich with Pickles; Expression of Nasi Lemak, and Ayam Percik Shepherd’s Pie.

Tiers of Joy High Tea Set at Lime Parkroyal Pickering

The savouries were done well and each of them tasted fabulous, especially the Expression of Nasi Lemak! This was my favourite in the tiers, and it’s such a unique way of serving nasi lemak. The hard-boiled quail’s egg is nothing short of quaint and yet appropriate. The rice ball is rolled tightly and aromatic with coconut milk, the sambal chilli is delicate and not too overwhelming. I would love more of this.

Next up, the sweets. From front to back: Carrot Cake; Coconut Pandan Mousse; Chocolate Pudding with Guanaja Chantilly; Peanut Butter Chocolate Cup; Forest Berries Basket and Passionfruit Meringue Tart. See that green blob coated with coconut flakes? That was my favourite. I liked it so much I wandered over to the in-house bakery trying to buy a full-size version to bring home, but it was unfortunately not on sale. The coconut mousse is smooth and nutty, the pastry base is buttery and well-made, the crumbly pastry texturally a good contrast with the cold mousse.

Tiers of Joy High Tea Set at Lime Parkroyal Pickering

On hindsight, splitting dessert worked for me; I don’t usually have a sweet tooth, and I might have gotten sick of the desserts if I had to eat a full portion of each of them. This was a much better arrangement to me, compared to my previous not-so-delighted experience at Anti:dote. On top of that, we could change our tea and coffee selection throughout the whole seating.

If you are looking for a place to while away your afternoon for 3 hours, consider the Tiers of Joy tea set from Parkroyal on Pickering. Reservations recommended, they are available on Chope.

Lime, Parkroyal on Pickering


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