Snack: Hattendo Cafe Cream Buns at Tanjong Pagar Centre 

You had me at cream buns. And beautiful pictures on Instagram featuring oozy cream. Priced at $2.50 each for a palm-size bun, Hattendo’s cream  buns are certainly not the cheapest buns around. However, compared to the buns you get at your neighbourhood bakery, these buns pack a bunch.

The buns come in 5 flavours; Whipped Cream, Custard, Red Bean, Matcha and Chocolate. Naturally, I picked up a box of every flavour for sharing. The buns are kept cold, and individually packed in waxed paper for easier identification.

The Internet is filled with pictures of cream oozing out of just divided buns, and I attempted to do the same, but failing twice in a row. The cream filling of the buns I bought were lopsided, so when I tore into them, I was greeted by a stunning wall of bread. Alas, such is the life of an Instagrammer.

Nonetheless, it tasted good. I don’t usually like custard for I find them too sweet, but the custard filling from Hattendo is just nice and very delicious. I liked it way more than the matcha!

Would I purchase again? Yes, only if I am in the area and craving something sweet. Certainly cheaper than a piece of cake but not any less satisfying to me.

Hattendo Cafe


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