Review: Kiseki Japanese Buffet at Orchard Central 

The Mother is a fan of buffets where she gets to choose what she likes and walk around. So family lunches tend to be at all-you-can-eat places. Recently we visited Kiseki Japanese at Orchard Central for a weekend lunch. Located at Level 8 of Orchard Central, Kiseki is a large dining hall with a wide range of Japanese items such as yakitori, tempuras, sashimi, among others. You pay upon entering, and a UV stamp is stamped onto your hand to prevent cheating diners who swop out another diner mid-meal. (Seriously, I haven’t heard of anyone doing this, but it’s not inconceivable).

From the skewers section, we were greeted with grilled salmon heads, sausages, meat, and even gingko nuts. However, according to to The Mother, they did not process the gingko properly, hence it was still bitter.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet

From the sushi and sashimi section, you get the run of the mill maki rolls, imitation abalone (which are really some type of clam), octopus and salmon. Not in picture are also seasoned baby octopus, jellyfish and seaweed.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet

Each table is given a few marked paper clip that you can use to order hot pots (or nabes). Simply drop the clip into the collection bin and the hotpot will be served once ready. However, I suggest skipping the hotpot as the solid fuel is choking our booth, which is not well-ventilated. The soup is also too sweet and salty for my liking.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet

Being the prawn monster, I went straight for the boiled prawns and tempura prawns. Among other dishes are also chawanmushi, grilled western food such as chicken cutlets and lamb, suitable for children with a Westernized palate.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet

Dessert is housed in another part of the restaurant, with the typical spread of cakes, chocolate fondue fountain and ice cream by the scoop. Mochi and some Asian kuehs were also available.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet

Is Kiseki worth it? I am inclined to say so, especially if you require a venue for a family gathering at a fixed price. Japanese buffets in Singapore also tend to be sit-down and order basis (i.e. a la carte buffet) so Kiseki, with its large and spacious buffet bar is a refreshing change. Reservations recommended, and visit the official website for updated price.

Kiseki Restaurant


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