Review: Beach Road Kitchen at JW Marriott South Beach 

I had the opportunity to dine at Beach Road Kitchen thanks to some lovely colleagues who gave me a treat from their promotion bonus. When I walked into the restaurant I was flabbergasted by the decor. It is chic and classy with rows of bonbons and dessert greeting you and welcoming you. Mirrored cabinets and spacious interior makes Beach Road Kitchen feel like a wonderland. A child will delight at these sweets, and an adult with a sense of childhood mischief rekindled.

There are a la carte and buffet options; we opted for the sumptuous buffet lunch at $58++ per adult which includes free flow coffee and tea. While we were leaving, they were also kind enough to put one of our unfinished coffee in a takeaway cup; that’s excellent classy sincere service from the heart, rather than some other places being pedantic about no wastage and no takeaways.

Beach Road Kitchen

My eyes were next drawn to the charcuterie and cheese section; the cuts included parma ham, beef salami, while the cheese selection will suit most appetites with soft cheese, hard cheese and pungent cheese. The bread sticks are also well made; dry and crisp the way I like it.

Beach Road Kitchen

What’s interesting about Beach Road Kitchen is the way they make use of vertical space; the Seafood Room (my endearment) has tiers of marble shelves holding different types of seafood ranging from a cabinet full of smoked and cured salmon, a cabinet of shellfish, and baskets of crab claws. This room reminds me of walk-in cold rooms, just classier. When I stood at the entrance of this room, it resembled to me a scene right out of one of Wes Anderson’s movies, if you get what I mean.

Beach Road Kitchen

Olive fans will enjoy the variety at this restaurant. There are scallops, razor clams, and mussels, among other shellfish, which, sadly, I do not consume.

On to the hot food section, the in-house stone grill churns out amazing thin-crust pizza. Among the variety, the truffle pizza is the chef’s specialty. It is creamy and fragrant, with a distinct truffle aroma but tastes of a regular (Well-made) mushroom pizza. Other hot food include a whole baked salmon, curries, dimsum, chicken rice, satay, soups and stews.

Beach Road Kitchen is not all about seafood; meat lovers will delight at this massive steak. Not in the picture are also cuts of lamb and chicken.

Just look at the lovely pink cut of meat!

Finally, we move to dessert, which is a section by itself. There is a live dessert station where they make waffles, pancakes and crepes to order. Coupled with a chocolate soft serve machine, you can count on having waffles with ice cream. Apart from soft serve, Beach Road Kitchen also makes their own ice cream in a cup with a myriad of flavours like coconut, matcha, mango, among others.

It is a satisfying and enjoyable lunch, so much so I have made reservations via Chope for my next visit. Don’t delay visiting Beach Road Kitchen, you will not regret it. In fact you will regret any future price hike if you don’t heed my advice now.

Beach Road Kitchen


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